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Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor)

Treat depression and anxiety effectively and safely with Effexor (Generic), a top-of-the-line SNRI depression and anxiety treatment. This depression/anxiety medication will treat all of your related symptoms, allowing you to feel better about yourself in all spheres of life—personally, socially, and even sexually! You'll feel more confident, more in control of your destiny, and just more like yourself. You deserve these things, so buy Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) online now!

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How do I know if Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) is right for me?

This FDA-approved SNRI antidepressant is appropriate for use by a number of different types of people. It relieves tensions, stress, and nervousness among people with generalized anxiety disorder or panic attacks; it works as a treatment for obsessive compulsive disorder; it can be used to treat eating disorders, work against substance abuse, and manage chronic pain. It also treats depression of varying degrees.

If you fall into any of the above categories, then you will likely prove an excellent candidate for Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor). This anxiety/depression treatment works wonders for adults (and teenagers in some cases) across the spectrum. Speak with one of our online agents today to see if Effexor (Generic) is right for you.

How does Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) work?

Effexor (Generic) is known as an SNRI, a serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor. When neurotransmitters are thrown off balance, causing symptoms of depression and/or anxiety, certain chemicals are needed to restore balance and to inhibit the release of the off-balance neurotransmitters. Venlafaxine provides these stabilizing chemicals to the brain, enabling you to take control over your psychiatric life, restore balance, and lead a more normal, balanced life.

What dose should I be taking? How do I administer Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor)?

As with many antidepressants, Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) is distributed in a number of varying dosages, including 25mg, 37.5mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Speak with your family doctor, psychiatrist, or online contact person about which dosage is best for you.

What possible side effects should I look out for?

Be aware that the following side effects are considered normal:

  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Increased sweating
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Mild nausea
  • Weight changes
  • Decreased sex drive
  • Impotence
  • drowsiness

Any side effects that you experience that cause serious concern should be checked out by a doctor. If you experience seizures, chest tightness, fainting, memory loss, hallucinations, or confusion, you should stop taking Effexor (Generic) and seek immediate medical help. You can find in our pharmacy the Effexor XR

Can other medications I'm taking be mixed with Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor)?

Venlafaxine (Generic Effexor) should not be taken by children. It is also not safe to be used if you have glaucoma, are pregnant, have persistent pulmonary hypertension, or if you take any MAOIs or St. John's Wort.

Treat depression today when you buy Effexor (Generic) from our online pharmacy. You'll benefit from a top-rated SNRI and receive some of the best prices available online!

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