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Sertraline (Generic Zoloft)

Zoloft is probably the most popular, most prescribed anti-depression medication on the market today. It is most successful in treating major depression and post traumatic stress disorder as well as anxiety disorders like obsessive compulsive disorder. Often time’s people who are diagnosed with these conditions feel like there is no hope for a better tomorrow, but with Zoloft, you can find a renewed energy and restored faith in better days to come

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How do I know if Zoloft (Sertraline - Generic Zoloft) is right for me?

If you are looking for a way to treat your depression or anxiety with as few side effects as possible, Zoloft can be a good option for you. Zoloft was made to treat anxiety and depression with the same efficacy as older, proven methods of treatment, but with fewer side effects. Ask your doctor if you should buy Zoloft online for increased self confidence, to improve the quality of your personal relationships, and reduce the symptoms of depression and anxiety that leave you feeling down.

How does Zoloft (Sertraline - Generic Zoloft) work?

The active ingredient in Zoloft, (also known as Lustral) is Sertraline, Sertraline is a Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI) which works to maintain a balance of serotonin in the brain. Serotonin is a chemical found in the brain which can greatly impact a person’s mood. When the serotonin becomes unbalanced, there is a chemical reason that depression or anxiety can surface.

What dose should I be taking? How do I administer Zoloft (Sertraline - Generic Zoloft)?

As Zoloft can be prescribed to treat a variety of syndromes, there is not one recommended dose; rather it is prescribed to suit each individual’s needs. It is generally prescribed in doses of 50mg or 25mg depending on the patient’s diagnosis and age. Before taking Zoloft, make sure to tell your doctor if you are taking NSAID's, Voltaren, Feldene, Relafen, Lodine and more.

What possible side effects should I look out for?

Adverse reactions that you should be aware of before taking Zoloft include dizziness, drowsiness, insomnia, diarrhea, sexual side effects, increased weight gain, dry mouth, and decreased libido.

Women who are pregnant, may become pregnant, or are nursing should speak to their doctor first.

Zoloft has on rare occasions caused suicidal ideation in patients younger than 25 years of age. Consult with a doctor to determine if Zoloft is the right treatment for your condition. Your doctor should also educate you and your family on how to look out for possible side effects that can lead to depressive thoughts or suicidal ideation.

Can other medications I'm taking be mixed with Zoloft (Sertraline - Generic Zoloft)?

Zoloft can be habit forming. Be aware of your prescribed dose when taking Zoloft and do not exceed the daily dosage. Allow time to wean yourself slowly off of Zoloft when you have finished a course of treatment and avoid the symptoms of Zoloft withdrawal.

Do not take Zoloft with alcohol or with any other anti depressant medication as it can lead to serious overdose as well as dangerously decreased motor skills.

If you are looking for a way out of your situation, a way to improve your life and feel good about yourself again, you can buy Zoloft form this online pharmacy. There is a reason to hope for a better future; let Zoloft be the key to a successful tomorrow.

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