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My All Night Shift at the 24 Hour Diner

I would like to note that I do not choose the late night shift for my health. I honestly do not like doing the whole vampire, sleep in the day, work at night, schedule. I do it because the tips are good, the night manager is a whole lot more lenient than the day manager, and the customers are a lot more interesting at night then during the day.

The problem is that I do not get to sleep during the day. Unfortunately, my doctor and my bank do not have very late night hours, and my grocery store closes at 8:00pm. I get home around 6:00am, there is no use to go to sleep because everything opens in two hours. Instead, I stay up, run my errands, but by the time I get home, it is the afternoon. I have to be back to work at 10:00pm for my all night shift. I cannot sleep when I get home from shopping, I am wound up. In the end, I am lucky to get five hours of sleep before spending the next eight on my feet.

A coworker introduced me to Modanifil (popular brand name - Buy Modafinil). It is one of these stay alert medications. Now, usually I just drink a lot of coffee. With every cup, I increase the amount of sugar until the cook is asking if I would like some coffee with my sugar. My doctor said I needed to not drink so much coffee. It can be bad for me. I asked him how much sleep he got, and how he would effectively work on five hours sleep. He did not say anything.

So I tried this Provigil alertness medication and I have to say that it did the trick. The time went by, I was able to stay focused and concentrated on doing my work. That is the one problem about too much coffee, I cannot focus on anything and get a bit too hyperactive. Work was still hard, my feel still hurt. But Provigil definitely made it bearable.

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