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Pulling Effective all Nighters During Finals Week

Well, another semester comes to an end, which means finals week. If you are an overachiever like I am, it means you decided to take 6 classes in one semester, and because there are only five days in a week, you have overlapping exams. This is the time of the year when all university students wish there was more than 24 hours in a day to study.

If anyone ever tells you they never pulled an all nighter while in university, believe me, they are lying. Everyone, at one point or another, realized they have no idea what is on the exam, and it is 5:00pm and the exam is in 15 hours. We all do them.

This is where we thank items such as the 24 hour coffee shop, the pizza place that delivers until three in the morning, study rooms with a coke machine, and Modafinil (or for those of you who are less tight on money and by the brand name version - Buy Modafinil).

So how do you pull an effective all nighter? It is easy. First, do not fall asleep. Provigil is a great stay alert medication that I advocate highly. I also recommend chugging coffee, lots of coffee. But not together – they both work with caffeine.

Never study alone. Studying alone means you will fall asleep. Also, do not study with two people. It is easy for two people to still somewhat fit on a couch or a dorm bed. Always study in groups of three or more. Make sure you include someone really nervous about the exam, because they will continue to study, which will make you continue studying.

Make a plan of attack when it comes to studying. I do not say plan down to the hour, but write a list of everything that needs to be covered. This way, individuals know that they have so many hours to get through so many topics. Always leave room to take a small break. Do not fry your brain or else you will not be able to take the exam effectively. But do not sleep. Sleep is the worst thing because a 30 minute break will turn into four, five hours. This is where the diner comes into play.

It is not difficult to pull an all nighter in university. Everyone does it. It won’t be your first, or your last.

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