PreferredrugStore is very committed to the privacy of our customers and guarantee that information provided by customers to our online pharmacy will not be mishandled and delivered to third parties. The information on our online drugstore order form, including email address and credit card information, is used only to complete customer orders and bill products ordered. Your contact information is used only for contact and shipping purposes, and at no time is your privacy invaded. Your privacy is of upmost importance and PreferredrugStore can assure that we do not market your contact information to parties that will send you unsolicited email (or spam). Your email address is only used by you to log into your PreferredrugStore online pharmacy account and as a means to contact you about your orders, newsletters, and upcoming deals and rewards. The only information that is disclosed is your shipping address to service suppliers.

PreferredrugStore maintains your purchase order history, in order to allow for delivery tracking and past online pharmacy purchases review. It is based off of your order history, which we are able to create special packages that will benefit you or give you certain rewards based on your online pharmacy ordering history.

By utilizing PreferredrugStore’s website, you provide us with the right to utilize your personal information for services, updates, and orders only. If you do have any concerns about this, then please, at any time you can contact us to discuss our privacy policy.

PreferredrugStore believes that your privacy needs to be maintained, we have a wonderful and qualified support staff that you can speak to and they keep your calls anonymous. Any detail that is provided to our support staff remains completely confidential. Your order is kept discreet and confidential as all orders that arrive to your shipping address come in an unmarked package. In this way, no one from the service suppliers to your next-door neighbor will know what you ordered.

Our online drugstore’s website has guaranteed geo trust server protections. With geo trust server protections, all online transactions are secured so it is safe to do business over the internet and order medications online from PreferredrugStore. When you use your credit card to purchase medications from our online pharmacy, your credit card details and personal information are encrypted with SSL encryption technology, prior to being sent through the internet. SSL encryption technology prevents your personal details from being intercepted or stolen while being sent to PreferredrugStore. Once received, your credit card information is encrypted and then stored in a database that has restricted access and is separate from the website’s database. As this restricted database is not hooked up to the internet, it is further protected by internet hackers and internet viruses.

Please keep in mind that any links to other online stores are not maintained by PreferredrugStore. As such, PreferredrugStore does not hold responsibility for any linked websites. These websites are provided to our customers for convenience and further information. The privacy policy of linked sites can be different than PreferredrugStore’s policy and it is advised that you review their privacy policy statements as well to ensure further protection.