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Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec)

Treat symptoms of indigestion and acid reflux TODAY when you buy Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec), a safe and effective gastro medication proven to stop your pain and treat all forms of heartburn indigestion. Why be forced to cut out all your favorite foods—or eat them and suffer the consequences—when you can nip the problem in the bud and stop the build-up of stomach acids immediately? Buy Omeprazole today and live a more comfortable and satisfying life!

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How do I know whether Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec) can help me?

You'll know that you are a candidate for Omeprazole (also known as Zegerid) if you experience heartburn, indigestion, GERD, or other gastroenterological symptoms following spicy meals or meals that contain high levels of acid.

If this is the case, then your body is probably producing too much acid through the billions of "proton pumps" that are located in your stomach. Prilosec Generic works by inhibiting the overproduction of acid by those proton pumps. Of course, some acid is needed to break down the food that you consume, but too much acid will lead to painful heartburn, reflux, and even ulcers. Too much gastric acid in your stomach and esophagus can cause permanent harm to your digestive system.

If you're worried that you've experienced heartburn symptoms for too long, then you should speak with your doctor of online pharmacist right away about Omeprazole—it could be just what you need to get your digestive system back on track…and to let you continue eating the foods that you love.

When should I take Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec)? How do I administer it and how frequently?

You should take one 20mg capsule of Prilosec Generic (Zegerid) once per day, before a meal to treat heartburn symptoms. People with heartburn or acid reflux may take Generic Prilosec on a regular basis for up to 12 weeks at a time. To treat an ulcer, a doctor may suggest that you take Prilosec for a four-week run.

Can I use Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec) if I am pregnant or nursing?

Omeprazole is considered to be a level C drug for pregnancy, which means that it is not recommended for pregnant or nursing women. Speak with your doctor immediately if you think you could be pregnant.

What side effects should I watch out for?

Side effects are rare and are limited to headaches and nausea.

What drug interaction do I need to be careful about when taking Omeprazole (Generic Prilosec)?

Using a proton pump inhibitor (PPI) may reduce the effectiveness of antifungal medications. Also, do not take Omeprazole with antiretroviral drugs. Prilosec  is a PPI, Proton Pump Inhibitor, like Nexium or Prevacid

Tired of having no control over your stomach pain and indigestion? Stop living under the rule of gastric acid and buy Generic Prilosec in this online drugstore today—your stomach and your taste buds will thank you!

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