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The Electronic Cigar is an innovative new method to help people who are looking to quit smoking cigars, but are not quite ready to give up the habit or social opportunities that are a big part of smoking cigars. The Electronic Cigar allows you to continue smoking, but without the dangerous effects of tobacco and other cancer causing additives that are found in regular cigars. With the Electronic Cigar you can even smoke inside or in areas that are generally smoking free because there is no issue of second hand smoke and no foul smelling odor.

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How do I know if Electronic Cigars are right for me?

The Electronic Cigar allows you to smoke a cigar without inhaling any dangerous carcinogens. Refill cartridges are available which contain different amounts of nicotine so that you can slowly lower your intake without having to experience any uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms. You can stop smoking gradually without feeling guilty if you feel like you need a cigar. Quitting smoking is not an easy process, so why not take advantage of this natural stop smoking aid and enjoy the process of stopping smoking with harmless, carcinogen and smoke free Electronic Cigars.

How do Electronic Cigars work?

Electronic Cigars allow you to smoke with the sensation of smoking a real cigar with much fewer health risks involved. When you smoke an Electronic Cigar, you will inhale a vapor with a predetermined amount of nicotine, and exhale this same vapor. The vapor is odorless and harmless to the people around you so you do not have to worry about second hand smoke or the environment. There is a light that is lit at the end of the Electronic Cigar that also mimics a real cigar. The Electronic Cigar contains a sensor that will alarm you if you have inhaled too much nicotine in a short time. The Electronic Cigar comes with a 3.6 volt lithium battery and battery recharger.

What dose should I be taking? How do I administer Electronic Cigar?

There is no specific dose to administer when smoking an Electronic Cigar. You can buy refill packages that contain different amounts of nicotine. If you are smoking the Electronic Cigar as a means to gradually stop smoking, then you should slowly use less and less nicotine, until you are no longer addicted.

What possible side effects should I look out for?

There are no adverse reactions currently associated with the smoking of Electronic Cigars. They are, however, only intended for people who already smoke cigars as a means to eventually quit or as a healthier alternative.

Can other medications I'm taking be mixed with Electronic Cigar?

Be aware when handling liquid nicotine that direct contact with your skin can cause lethal overdoses. Always wear gloves when handling liquid nicotine.

Smoking Electronic Cigars can be habit forming. While they do not contain unhealthy smoke or other carcinogens, the nicotine is still highly addictive. You can also find in our online pharmacy the Electronic Cigarette.

Start a new, healthier life today with Electronic Cigars. You can continue smoking without inhaling dangerous additives. Stop smoking gradually without all the difficult withdrawal symptoms. Electronic Cigars are the latest, most effective method to stop smoking, without having to give up a habit you have always enjoyed. Buy Electronic Cigars from our online pharmacy for cheap deals and fast delivery.

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