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Shipping Policy: PreferredrugStore ships all product deliveries through registered airmail and are shipped in discreet wrapping to maintain your confidentiality. PreferredrugStore’s name, logo, or any other item that would enable others to know what is being shipped inside the package, is not located on any of our shipments. If you purchase a large order, it might be split into two separate orders and is included in the shipping and handling charges.

Terms of Purchase: You must be a minimum of 18 years of age to order pharmaceutical products from PreferredrugStore’s online pharmacy. PreferredrugStore is not responsible for confirming any importation regulations and requirements of the destination country All PreferredrugStore products are delivered at the risk of the customer and PreferredrugStore reserves the right of legal action if the customer does not act in agreement with the laws and regulations of the destination country. Pricing is subject to change in accordance with international currency rates. Availability of all PreferredrugStore’s products is subject to change without additional notice.

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Return Policy and Refund: Prior to returning an order purchased on PreferredrugStore’s website, it is imperative that you first contact PreferredrugStore with the reasoning behind returning the product. If a product arrives damaged or is faulty, PreferredrugStore will send you a replacement free of charge. If delay, loss, or damage is the result of an inaccurate delivery address given to PreferredrugStore, no refund will be offered. In all returns, the customer is responsible for arranging postage and transportation costs without reimbursement from PreferredrugStore.